Queen of Strip Hop Appears on the Queen Latifah Show

I found this little gem of a video the other night on my YouTube feed. Think back to the Queen Latifah we knew in the early 90s. Who woulda thought we’d  see one of the biggest female rappers of the 20th century shooting the breeze with one of the biggest female rappers of the 21st century on a daytime talk show in 2013? Like Nicki says in the interview, it was a great moment for hip hop.

See what “I Endorse These Strippers” performer Nicki Minaj says to Queen Latifah about what it’s like to be a female rapper today in the clip.

Photos and Updates from the AJC “Gender, Sexuality & Hip Hop Conference”

Mo with MHP

Here I am posing with the one and only Melissa Harris-Perry. It was a pleasure to be presenting for her LLC, the Anna Julia Cooper Project, and I look forward to seeing what AJC does next.

Since having gone to New Orleans to present PPEW at Melissa Harris-Perry’s “Gender, Sexuality and Hip Hop Conference” last December, I have been totally inspired and motivated by the amazing work other writers and academics have been producing in the field of black feminism. This conference was unlike any academic event I had been to before because not only was it predominantly attended by black women, but its focus on the narratives of women in hip hop had greatly validated my concerns as a hip hop feminist. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to present my work, but I am even more grateful to have been in the presence of other brilliant women who have supported my ideas and have stayed in contact with me since.

Mo presenting at poster

Here I am talking to conference attendees in front of my poster. The bold images were a huge hit!

I have even more good news to share. I am now editing the “Poles, Power and the Everyday Woman” manuscript to be published by an academic journal! Cross your fingers for me, as it is very early in the process, there is A LOT to be done and nothing is guaranteed. But it is my hope that article gets published so that I can continue my writing and interviews for the project. This project has been such a blessing and I am determined to see it through all the way to the end.

Putting together the research poster for New Orleans was too momentous an occasion to not somehow feature here on Twerked. Check out the photo slideshow below summarizing my presentation.

“Poles, Power and the Everyday Woman” Heads to New Orleans!

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 5.01.15 PM

More great news about the “Poles, Power and the Everyday Woman” Project! I’ve just been accepted in to the “Gender, Sexuality  & Hip Hop Conference” hosted by Melissa Harris Perry’s Anna Julia Cooper Project and Tulane University. I’ll be traveling down to New Orleans for December 4 and 5th this year to share my work and learn about other projects from writers, artists, students, scholars and activists from around the country passionate about race, sexuality and their intersections with hip hop. I am extremely excited about it and I thank you all for continuing to read and respond to my work!

You can read more about Melissa Harris Perry’s Anna Julia Cooper Project here