The History of Twerking, A Poem

Wanna know a secret? I hate slam poetry. It’s very overdone and I find people rarely bring anything original to the art form. But when a friend shared this video with me on Facebook the other night, I was pretty impressed. Check out what these ladies have to say about twerking and its relation to dance, body intelligence and African Diasporic culture in the video below.

“Pyramids” By Frank Ocean

For the past few weeks I’ve been really nostalgic and listening to Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange” from 2012. To my enthusiasm, most of the video for my favorite song on the album, “Pyramids” is set in a titty club. It’s a typical montage tinted with neon lights, but I was struck by an artistic choice that Nabil took that most directors don’t when it comes to music videos: he made the girls look gorgeous, yet flawed and devilish. Their eyes are dark and raccoonish, and their features turn hard and mannish in the dim lights and tight shots. One woman had scars all down her back, another woman had washboard breasts with perky black nipples. There isn’t one Sarah Hottentot in sight.