#NotCrazyButHuman: I Tell Myself That I Don’t Deserve Love

When it comes to finding love, I tell myself that I alone am never enough. I always have to have some new accomplishment to show for why anyone would see anything in me.

Sometimes being single isn’t a result of someone’s toxic personality. Sometime’s it’s rooted in an all-consuming need to impress and to please.

Gay Male Dancers Are Getting a Spotlight, But Will We Watch?

The Prancing Elites deserve every ounce of success and support that comes their way. The question is whether or not TV viewers will give it to them.

There were plenty of people complaining about Beyoncé for being unoriginal and for stealing from young LGBTQ of color’s J-setting style when she put out “Single Ladies” and “Diva.” Will those critics will be checking for this show as hard as they were for Beyoncé’s appropriation habits?

So Here’s the One Little Problem with this Year’s SlutWalk

I can’t rock with this movement due to the pitfalls in its philosophy and the way it alienates the experiences of sexual oppression faced by Black women.

Once again, I have been blown away by one of the most ridiculed—and yet one of the most desired—women in hip hop and pop culture today. It’s thrilling to see an underdog who once had to support her family through stripping grow into a fearless, unapologetic feminist leader in today’s sex-positive activism.

This Week in the Champagne Room: Ameer, The Unlikely Prophet Part I

This rapper's been around the world and back-and he's got plenty to say about it.

“We were always going to be the ones to look inferior. Now we’re in the process of doing it to ourselves. So they don’t have to do it for you. But because you think you’re popular, it’s like: “I’ll sit behind the camera and chill while you tap dance.” It’s a modern day minstrel show.”